RAID Recovery

Loss of data from a RAID computer system can be a very serious issue: many businesses and increasingly SOHO users store their important files and folders on servers running RAID technology. When these servers go wrong the chance of data loss can be high and it's therefore essential that if recovery of the data in required, a service that understands the difficulties of RAID recovery is used.

There are many ways that data can be lost from a RAID or server system. The most common servers are either Dell or Hewlett Packard (HP), with many servers being able to run several levels of common RAID including RAID 5, 1, 0 and 10. (For more details about the different types of RAID - check out this Wikipedia link In addition to the systems made by Dell and HP, there are a myriad of smaller Network Attached Storage (NAS) servers made by the likes of G|RAID, Buffalo and Synology which are also capable of running various popular RAID configurations.

Excluding human error such as accidental file deletion, the most common instances of data loss from RAID servers include loss of RAID configuration and multiple disk failure.

RAID Configuration Errors

This can happen when a new disk is introduced into and existing RAID array and, for one reason or another, the RAID's configuration data is corrupted. This results in access to the data being lost and is a serious problem. Most company IT teams are not capable of recovering the data from failed RAID systems and usually an expert RAID recovery company will be subcontracted to retrieve the data from the corrupted RAID. Companies such as the United Kingdom's Data Clinic is one such company that can recover the data from broken RAIDs. Click the links for their pages on Dell RAID Recovery and HP RAID Recovery and various types of NAS Recovery

Multiple Disk Failure

The simultaneous failure of two or more hard drives in a server running RAID will often cause the immediate failure of the system and there is a significant potential that data will be lost also. RAID has fault tolerance in-built and often a hard drive can fail and the system is resilient enough for no data to be lost. This resilience does not extend itself to failure of two of more drives at the same time though. Again, as in the above situation with loss of RAID configuration, recovery of data from the failed system is a highly skilled job for an expert data recovery company. Once again, companies such as Data Clinic are able to repair the faults to hard drives and rebuild the data from the broken RAID so that no loss is experienced.

London, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham

RAID recovery is available in the above regional centres - London is the most popular area for RAID recovery because there are so many business located in the capital. Birmingham remains a major location for UK business, whilst the "northern powerhouses" of Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester are able to boast Data Clinic locations also.